About The WSPConnections Programs

The WSPConnections Networking Groups/WSPChapters (WSP-NGs, WSP-NCs) Program is designed to meet the needs of WSPMembers--any woman who has ever brought up children alone who chooses to register with us and become a member--in their particular area of residence. Programs can be created to meet the specific needs of mothers in each group and location. For example, in one area the single mothers may be financially able but in need of financial investment counseling and support groups which could double as business networking groups. In another area the mothers may be in need of re-education, career training, and childcare services. It is up to the mothers who are WSPMembers in each area to form a networking group that will meet their needs. There are five, (5) avenues through which WSP-NGs/WSPConnections Groups can be formed; they are:

Business - Through mothers from your place of business or employment
Religious - Through your church, temple or mosque
Campus - *High School/College/University Campuses - Begin with mothers who are students
Military Base - Military wives or Military Single Moms can meet on Base
Community - Stay-at-home mothers, disabled, retired or "Empty-Nesters" may form a Electronic - An online WSPNG group formed to meet the needs of those mothers who live in remote areas, or who may be confined to their homes because of rearing young children or a child or elderly parent who may be disabled or sick

Please note that the above are avenues only. We recommend that the mothers meet at each other's homes, at restaurants a community meeting hall or some other agreed upon location. In order for single mothers to form a WSP-NG/WSP-NC in their area at least four, (4) ladies must be willing to form the group, and they must first be registered members with Women as Single Parents Inc.  Even though you may already have a women's group or a single mothers' group, joining our network will only enhance your group, and connect the ladies in your group to more beneficial services. The mothers who are married and may feel uncomfortable about becoming a member, even though they may have or are currently bringing up children alone, may still join but form a group with other single mothers who are now married, or may join as WSP Partners. However, if they do join as WSP Partners they will only enjoy the benefits of a WSP Partner! We would like to encourage these mothers to talk to their husbands about joining as WSP Partners so that their whole family can benefit from a partnership with WSP. Your young adult children may also join as WSP Partners!

For more details on membership as a married mother please contact us. We want to help you get started in establishing a WSP-NG/WSP-NC in your area regardless of your single mother category. Our help is just a click away! 

*Mothers under the age of 19 would need to belong to a special program. Please contact us to learn more.

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