Positive Enabling

"Helping Our Members to Succeed"

This page is dedicated to informing our visitors and WSP Partners of our members' needs. We want you to know that because the mothers are WSP Members and are signed up with us, their needs are known to us, and we aim to match them with the help they need. We have withheld their names to protect their identity, and for security and confidentiality purposes, but each has a case number for your convenience. We would like you to help our members as a WSP Partner. So first, please register with us, and invite others to join as a WSP member or partner today! Donate today to give to a worthy cause!

In keeping with our mission, Women as Single Parents Inc. is doing the bold thing in posting the needs of its members; so that those who are inspired and impressed to assist us in helping our members toward their quest for excellence and independence, may have the opportunity to learn of their needs and be instrumental in fulfilling them.

In this way, we hope to provide people of means and great ideas with the wonderful opportunity of using what they have been blessed with, to benefit such a great cause as providing single mothers with the tools and items needed to live a life of dignity, confidence and independence. These tools and items will also help them to care for their families without having to be exposed to mercilessness or cruelty--which they often experience--from family members, friends, some community agencies and society at large.

Many single mothers do not receive child support, and are struggling while working two to three low-paying jobs to make ends meet! Working so many hours means that these mothers are spending less time with their children! Even though some women have degrees and are qualified to work in reasonably paying jobs, some mothers cannot work in their field of expertise because of their children's school schedules, or they may be caring for medically challenged children which usually consists of frequent visits to doctors and medical specialists. 

Other single mothers are on government aid programs and would love to get off of these programs and become financially independent, but need help with a new start in life. Still other single mothers are either disabled themselves or are caring for disabled children or disabled, ill, frail, elderly parents as well as rearing their teenaged or young children. They deserve all the support our organization can give them, and with your help we can certainly do that. Some single mothers have good business ideas and owning a business, getting products on the market or providing a service would prove more appropriate in their situation than holding 9am-5pm job, or several low-paying jobs.

Some single mothers even experience job and housing discrimination, simply because they are single mothers! They have problems with being employed because they are often asked, if one of her children is ill who will care for them? And they lose their jobs easily, because they are often one of the first to be laid off! They encounter housing challenges because Landlords often think twice when they find out that the women is the sole provider in the family. They often wonder that if she get's sick or something happens with her children, she may lose her job, and may not be able to pay the rent! 

We want to provide a safe, "single mother"-friendly medium through which our single mother membership can obtain the help they need, and the support they deserve. Their needs may be large or small, urgent or ongoing; as long as these needs are met, and you have had a part in it, you should feel a sense of pride, knowing you have "positively" enabled a single parent family toward a life worth living! Ladies, if you have a need to post, please register with us, and let us know of your needs. Be sure to fill out the member & partner consumer survey which will qualify you to use our "WSP Shop & Save Program" when it is available. If your needs are time sensitive, please let us know. We will do our best to help you.

We want to thank our new visitors in advance for joining us as a WSP Partner, and for assisting us in making society a better and safer place to live, by helping single mothers and their children to succeed. We invite you to sponsor a family or become a WSP "Life" Investor or a Business Investor for those WSP members needing such services. Now, please go to our "Members Needs List" page to choose from the list as you are inspired. Be sure to state the case number of the life you are inspired to make a difference in when you contact us. For more details on each case you choose, please contact us.


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