Thank You Mother!

This page is dedicated to the mothers who have made a difference in your life. Whether you are now grown, or a son, daughter, grandson or grand daughter, a nephew, niece, cousin, or a sibling who was brought up by a "single parent" sister, you can send a message by going to our special "Contact us" page to write your kind comments. We will then place your loving message here where it belongs for you to send your mother and everyone else to our website to view your message. You can also take the time to tell us about your wonderful mother who is now deceased. Let her memory live on right here on our website, we would be honored!

Mothers do so much to make our world a better and sweeter place to live. There's mothers who have had health challenges, as well as mothers who have raised many children--some may have not even been her own! There are famous mothers, notorious mothers, celebrity mothers, elderly mothers, very young mothers, highly educated mothers, mothers who have accomplished much on limited education, innovative mothers, organized mothers, poetical mothers and political mothers. Whatever category or field the mother you'd like to honor belongs in, just honor her; tell the world about your mother. We look forward to hearing about the mother you'd like to honor soon.

The following tribute has been submitted by Rosita P. Antonio in celebration of her wonderful mother and friend, Viola S. Henry who is now deceased.

Viola S. Henry was a mighty worker for the Lord, and I thank God that she was my mother. I loved her dearly and still miss her and miss talking with her even though she has been dead well over a decade now! She was self-sacrificing, ambitious, energetic and a comedian in her own right. She set an example for women to follow, but she also believed in speaking her mind and standing up for her rights as a woman and as a human being. She believed in higher education and did whatever she could to keep informed on everything important in life. She encouraged me to pursue my dreams and goals and believed that one day I would do something important for God that would impact the world! She believed that women should pursue their dreams and be as educated as they could possibly be before they got married. Read about her and her exploits for the Lord here. Never underestimate the power of a godly woman despite her limited education!!!



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