Community WSP-NG Avenue

Single mothers who are not affiliated with a church, temple, mosque, school, college, University, business or the Military can still form a WSP-NG group if they live in a community or are affiliated with a community center or community vocational course. Please see below, what you would need to do in order to qualify to become an official WSP-NG. Show your support by donating today!

  • First register with WSP
  • find other single mothers who are either students at the vocational course you are in, or who live in your community and have them register with WSP also
  • Request the group set-up kit and then register your group with WSP
  • Choose a WSP Program Director who will need to be interviewed by us before she can qualify to assume that position
  • ALL ladies becoming members of WSP and this group must submit a current *photograph of themselves when they register with WSP, and the prospective director must state that she would like to assume the position of WSP Program Director, in the message box when she contacts us
  • Be willing to do whatever else that is needed in order to establish an official WSP-NG in your area

*Please note that your photograph will NEVER appear online or any of our publications other than WSPNews, our monthly members' only newsletter, to introduce you to the other members, without your consent neither will it ever be sold or shared with anyone outside of our organization. The only reason why your photograph would be shared with anyone outside of our organization would be for legal purposes only--for your safety or security! You have our word.




Watch this page to learn more on creating a community based WSP-NG!