WSP Success Partners

Women As Single Parents Inc. would like to thank those individuals who have partnered with us to help make the steps toward becoming a nonprofit corporation possible. We'd also like to thank those who have been a part of a Compassion Network that helped a single mother member to achieve some goal in her life. If you are not yet an official WSP Partner please learn more and register with us today!

We are still far from our goals like establishing physical WSPSuccess Centers wherever our services can make a difference in communities across America, and around the world; and financially helping members in need. With you as a partner helping in every area of need, our dreams and goals will be realized. Donate today to show your commitment to our cause!

Are you an entity--a business, church/temple/mosque, a high school/college/university or a community center/social service/welfare organization? Our program can enhance any existing program you may already have that meets the needs of single mothers by connecting them to more helpful information, resources, programs and services. Learn more about partnership according to your type of entity.

Did you know that giving is an essential part of living? The One who ever gave the most said, “Give and it will be given to you, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” (Jesus Christ, Luke chapter 6:38 NKJV). There are so many promises of prosperity to those who are willing to give, and help others succeed. Also, one day, very soon, world currency will have no value, so now is the time to make a financial investment that will never lose its value. By giving today to make a difference in the lives of single mothers and their children in need, you can be assured of funds well spent! Contact us today to let us know that you would like to become a WSPSuccess Partner.

Women As Single Parents Inc. wants to be true to its mission, which is to be able to meet the needs of single mothers in their quest to excel in the areas of their lives that really matter; like starting a business or service, or receiving scholarships for college or university, which will enable them to gain financial independence and a satisfying life that is worth living for themselves and their children. Some mothers often need to start life over, because of war or disasters, a divorce or widowhood, becoming disabled themselves, or caring for disabled children, or even caring for an ailing parent as well as caring for their children. We would like to reward our members in attempting to become financially independent, and help those who are already financially independent to maintain financial independence, by providing a financial safety net through our WSP Funding Foundation Program. By becoming a WSP "Funding" Success Partner you can help us succeed in living up to our mission to become the type of nonprofit organization we are meant to be.

Whatever you are willing to give—your prayers, time, money, professional expertise, suggestions, or fundraising ideas—will help to bring our services and programs to areas where they are now needed. You are invited to view the information on WSP Partnership, register and become a WSPSuccess Partner today! Please complete the member & partner consumer survey, when it is available, which will qualify you to use our "WSP Shop & Save Program," once it is established. You are welcome to participate at as many partner levels as inspired. Please invite everyone you know to visit our website, join as a partner—or member—and become a part of our success story too!


Contact us to let us know that you'd like to become a WSPSuccess Partner today!